Save the “H” Fundraiser at Bijou

September 9 2013

Sept. 17, from 5 to 9 pm
Save H_Bijou Flyer

The Save the H committee is having a fundraiser at the Bijou on B. St.     Take your special someone to dinner and Save the H gets a percentage of the profits.


A huge concrete H resides on the steep hillside behind the Safeway on Foothill Blvd. Now obscured by trees and brush, this was once the proud symbol of Hayward High School (HHS), whose magnificent old campus covered the entire area now occupied by Safeway, other businesses, and apartments. The campus even went across the creek. Before any other high schools, before Chabot, before Cal State, this was the educational, social, and cultural center of the town for over fifty years.

The Hayward High ‘Save the H‘ committee would like to offer all those interested in Hayward, and Hayward High School history, the opportunity to preserve this valuable local monument and ensure a place in Hayward history as well, by urging you to buy a brick – professionally engraved and dedicated to someone special – teacher, friend, yourself?

(Save the H is raising funds to clear the trees so the old H can be seen from below, and install a patio and benches and information signs at the bottom of the hill to explain what a magnificent high school we once had.)

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