Book Discussion: The Hare with Amber Eyes

December 9 2013

December 9 @ Main Library, 6:30 pm and
December 12 @ Mocama’s Deli & Ice Cream Shop, located at 925 B Street, above Mission in Downtown Hayward – noon

theHare    The Mostly Literary Fiction Book Group Discusses The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal - December 9 & 12, 2013

264 Japanese wood and ivory carvings, none of them larger than a matchbox: renowned ceramicist Edmund de Waal was entranced when he first encountered the collection in his great-uncle Iggie’s Tokyo apartment. When he later inherited the netsuke, they unlocked a far more dramatic story than he could ever have imagined. From a burgeoning empire in Odessa to fin de siècle Paris, from occupied Vienna to postwar Tokyo, de Waal traces the netsukes’ journey through generations of his remarkable family against the backdrop of a tumultuous century.


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