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Why We MUST Do Business in Hayward!

November 23 2015


Amazon_Infographic_1200px_headerAmazon is rapidly expanding its online empire, but behind the conveniences that the company offers are a lot of hidden costs. We found an infographic to see how shopping at Amazon compares with shopping at local businesses in its impact on jobs, taxes, the local economy, and community. Before you click, here’s why your choice matters:

Jobs: Amazon creates less than half as many jobs as local brick-and-mortar stores do. This means the more Amazon grows and crowds out other businesses, the fewer jobs available.

Taxes: In most communities, Amazon has no facilities and therefore pays no property taxes.  In about half the states, it does not collect state and local sales taxes. Property and sales taxes are the main source of funds for our schools and public services.  If local businesses are squeezed out by Amazon, households will have to shoulder a higher tax burden.

Local Economy:  While local retailers are engines of economic activity, spending their revenue at a wide variety of other businesses in the community, Amazon merely extracts money, leaving little behind.

Click here for the full infographic. Please feel free to re-post and distribute this widely!


Pizza for Pups! October 22nd

October 20 2015

oct 22 Round Table Pizza Fundraiser poster

Shocktoberfest Mixer in Downtown Hayward!

October 16 2015

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4th Annual SantaCon Hayward 2015!

September 21 2015


15th History Awards Ceremony!

September 15 2015


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